As a leading regional corporation in agricultural services with a sustainable agricultural value chain and leading agricultural product brands.

Being a servant who is trusted and loved by farmers and consumers;

SUNRIDER INTERNATIONAL is a multinational corporation founded in 1982, by two successful businessmen, Dr. Tei-Fu Chen with a Pharmacist degree and his wife, Mrs. Oi-Lin Chen with a Medical Doctor degree. With a passion for Herbology, Dr.

In its 30-year history, KIDO Group has persistently brought a taste of happiness to consumers and contributed to making life more beautiful and meaningful every day with essential product lines in every kitchen and home. every Vietnamese family meal.

Established in 2012, Pharmacity is one of the first pharmaceutical retail chains in Vietnam.

Life insurance business (including whole life insurance, term insurance, mixed insurance, investment-linked insurance, pension insurance, independent health insurance and supplementary health insurance for life insurance) and reinsurance business.